Metal Fabrication Expert

Warren Carlson Understands Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing.


Warren grew up in the custom manufacturing world. From the time he was about 5 years old, manufacturing, metal fabrication, and machining have been part of his life. The first job he remembers, he was paid $.25/week to keep oil in machines in his father’s machine shop. He was taught at an early age to take care of equipment so it could produce quality product.

Warren Carlson is a true entrepreneur. He is CEO Of Carlson Manufacturing, Inc., and Great! Manufacturing, LLC., an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, and a principal in a consulting group, Excel Business Associates, LLC..

Warren is known for his expert knowledge of manufacturing processes, metal fabrication,  engineering, big picture thinking, leadership development, and strategic thinking.

Under Warren’s leadership,  Carlson Manufacturing, Inc., has made significant investments in both the technology required to efficiently produce product, and in the training needed to develop our personnel into a highly effective team.  This investment and focus on developing our team helps us deliver the results that our Customers expect. 

It is a commitment to quality and a high level of service that  truly make our company a unique metal fabrication supplier.

Warren enjoys working with Leadership teams to develop a culture that drives innovation and profitability. He is results oriented and effective in communicating the driving forces in a culture that help organizations grow and thrive.

Warren has a strong history of Leadership development and Strategic planning. with many years of experience in collaborating with Fortune 500 businesses, such as CNH & World Class Manufacturing, Deere, Cat, Bobcat, AGCO, Chrysler, Polaris, US government, US Defense, and NASA.

Carlson Manufacturing, Inc., is a custom manufacturer that produces products to its customer’s specifications. Great! Manufacturing, LLC, develops innovative products and brings them to the marketplace. Excel Business Advisors works with leadership teams to ACHIEVE MORE by bringing clarity and alignment to their organizations.

The John Maxwell Team is the World’s Number 1 Leadership Training Team with recognized results around the globe.

Warren and his wife, Rita reside in Kerkhoven, Minnesota. They have two daughters. When Warren has free time, he enjoys traveling, fishing, and working with their Arabian horses and Dobermans.

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