Manufacturing Jobs & Machining Jobs are a Great Career Choice
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Great Manufacturing Companies need Great Team Members.
Applicants for all positions should be people of integrity, friendly, reliable, a team player and be willing to grow professionally and personally.  This is a production environment and each person is evaluated based upon their results and behavior.  We have manufacturing jobs !
If you are tired of being passed over for opportunity by your current employer, we may be the team you have been looking for.  We are very good at evaluating talent, giving people opportunity and a chance to prove themselves. 
Our employees tell us  we give them better training and more opportunity to grow their manufacturing jobs skills and leadership skills than other Manufacturing employers. 

What can you expect of Carlson Manufacturing? What will manufacturing jobs and machining jobs there be like? 

We are a small, family owned company that is well known for our ability to manufacture unusual or difficult metal goods. 
We value our team.  We  work with each team member to discover their strengths and skills.   Once we find those strengths and skills, we work with the team member to make those strengths and skills even stronger, even more powerful.   We believe our ability to analyze and develop talent is one of our Key competitive advantages.  Our manufacturing jobs will give you opportunity to move up as you develop your skills.
We do this by creating opportunities for our team, and helping the team rise to meet the challenges.  We challenge our team members in many ways.  Our manufacturing jobs & machining jobs are real opportunities to grow and learn.
We believe everyone does their best work, by working in their “strength zone”.   At Carlson Manufacturing, Inc, we are proud of the fact that we tend to stretch that strength zone.  How? By having team members do things they have not done before.  By having them tackle challenges that may even make them uncomfortable, at first. The manufacturing jobs here will be fun and challenging.
We believe in people.   Carlson Manufacturing, Inc., cannot accomplish it’s mission without the help of our people.  They are the key to the success of Carlson Manufacturing.   Sometimes we believe in our people more than they believe in themselves.   We see more in them than they see in themselves.  The manufacturing jobs here will be a great growth experience.
We believe in giving people honest feedback.  When you are part of the team here, you will know how you are doing and what you can expect.
We believe in giving people control of their destiny.   We will give you honest feedback, we will offer training and opportunity, but we will not do it for you.  you must want it for yourself.  Because we believe in you we will make investment in you, but you must be willing to make investment in yourself as well.  After all, if you are unwilling to invest in yourself, why should anyone else?  The manufacturing jobs here will be a great learning experience.
We believe in giving opportunity to those who earn it.
Our expectations are high.  We are not looking for “average”.  The phone book is full of average…   And as far as we are concerned, “average” is a dirty word.
What exactly is a Custom Manufacturing company?  Custom manufacturing is the process of making other companies products to their specifications.  The client may provide us with schematics, and technical drawings of their desired product.  They may give us material or engineering requirements, and ask us to give them a price on item. 
We evaluate this information and bid the job.  If we are the successful bidder, they place an order with us.
What types of Manufacturing jobs does Carlson Manufacturing have?  We have CNC machining jobs, Welding jobs, robotic welding jobs, office jobs, administrative assistant jobs, drafting jobs, engineering jobs, accounting jobs, fabrication jobs, forming jobs, Laser cutting jobs, and all sort of manufacturing jobs.
What do we expect from you as a team member?
Show up and be on time
Communicate honestly
Be Responsible for your actions
Be willing to grow
Do what you say you are going to do.
Be a part of the team
Hopefully, after reading this, you will have a better idea if you and Carlson Manufacturing Inc., are a good fit for each other.
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Carlson Mfg Welding Jobs

Production Welder

Applicant should have strong  welding skills.   We work with mild steel, stainless or aluminum materials. Must be able to understand blueprints, tolerances and measuring.  Must clean spatter from parts and meet quality and production standards.
Training to operate a welding robot may be available but experience is preferred.
Salary is determined by experience.

Other Carlson Manufacturing Jobs

General Labor

Applicant should be able to stand for extended periods of time.  May be dong a variety of tasks throughout the day, or doing the same task for multiple days.   We will train for this position.  Position requires ability to occasionally lift up to 100 pounds.
Full time and Part time positions available

Carlson Mfg CNC Machining Jobs

CNC Machinist

Applicant should be able to  set up & program CNC machines without direct supervision.    Must have strong skills reading and understanding blueprints, tolerances, measuring and fixturing.  Should have good understand of G & M code programming.
Salary is determined with experience and capabilities.

Manufacturing jobs Machining jobs