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Remove the roadblocks to success.
What’s holding your business back? 
Are you frustrated by unresponsive manufacturing or fabrication suppliers and delivery delays? 
Is your bottom line jeopardized by rising prices and quality issues?

At Carlson Manufacturing, we help you overcome these tough obstacles by providing you with first-rate service that you can pass along to your own customers. We’re more than just another supplier – we’re a complete solution and a trusted partner invested in your success.

Since opening our doors in 1966,  we’ve never lost sight of the cornerstones on which our business was founded:

  • Industry Experience: True manufacturing & fabrication expertise requires many years of focus, hard work, relationship building, and experience. Because we’ve already encountered and overcome the obstacles, we can help you hurdle them with ease. We know manufacturing & fabrication inside and out, and we have the hard-earned expertise to design custom solutions tailored to your needs. 
  • Integration: Running a successful business is about managing relationships – with customers, employees, vendors, and investors. You have enough to juggle – so why use six different suppliers when one trusted, proven company can meet all of your needs? At Carlson Manufacturing, it’s our goal to serve as your one-stop resource for all of your machining and custom fabrication services.
  • World Class Quality: You need product that meets all of your expectations. That is exactly what we deliver. All of our major customers have come to this conclusion. They do not inspect our shipments for quality. They know they can count on us to exceed their needs. AND SO CAN YOU. Our custom manufacturing and fabrication solutions reflect a commitment to workmanship and attention to detail. Cost-effective quality is designed into each step of the manufacturing process.
  • Superior Service: Many promise great service, but few deliver. We handle your difficult tasks, so you don’t have to. Through speed and flexibility we achieve our goal…Making You look Good! 
  • Our Competitive Advantage: The bottom line is that we can help you keep your costs low. In today’s troubled economy, budget cuts and corporate restructuring have forced many companies to spend less and work more. Our fabrication and manufacturing solutions are designed to add value to you and your team.  The Carlson Culture is driving change through continuous process improvement and lean manufacturing practices. The products of this Culture are reduced waste, lower overhead costs, and competitive pricing. Designed for longevity and peak performance, our well maintained equipment is able to operate at high production, saving you time and money.


“Carlson Manufacturing is at the top of the top of our vendor list.”  –CEO of Company with over 1500 employees

“I feel pretty lucky we were dealing with CMI and its puritan work ethic instead of some of the more typical shops that would have told us to shove it. “– Engineering Mgr. at Military Supplier

“Carlson is one of our best suppliers”–Production Mgr. of Company with 70 employees.


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