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robotic welding

Robot welding is a relatively new application of robotics, even though robots were first introduced into US industry during the 1960s. The use of robots in welding did not take off until the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the automotive industry began using robots extensively for spot welding. Since then, both the number of robots used in industry and the number of their applications has grown greatly. In 2005, more than 120,000 robots were in use in North American industry, about half of them for welding. Growth is primarily limited by high equipment costs, and the resulting misconception of restriction to high-production applications.  Carlson Manufacturing has successfully utilized robotic welding for both short run and long run production.

Robot arc welding has begun growing quickly just recently, and already it commands about 20% of industrial robot applications. The major components of arc welding robots are the manipulator or the mechanical unit and the controller, which acts as the robot’s “brain”. The manipulator is what makes the robot move, and the design of these systems can be categorized into several common types.

The robot may weld a pre-programmed position, be guided by machine vision, or by a combination of the two methods.  However, the many benefits of robotic welding services have proven to make it a technology that helps many OEM manufacturers increase accuracy, repeat-ability, and throughput

Carlson Manufacturing utilizes Fanuc/Lincoln welding robots and Panasonic welding robots.  

We have successfully provided robotic welding services to our customers for both short run and long run applications.

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