Metal Fabrication is what we do at Carlson Manufacturing, Inc.

metal fabrication

What does a Great Metal Fabrication supplier look like?


First of all, a good steel Fabrication supplier must have good character.  That means they do the right thing even when no one is looking.    Character is something that is built over time.  It must be tested. It requires overcoming challenges and doing the right thing because it is the right thing, not because it is being forced upon them.   Character is the foundation of great relationships.  Be sure your relationships are built on a strong foundation.  Yes. That means your steel fabrication relationships, too.

Evaluated Experience

Some say experience is the best teacher.  That is not true. We all know people who have a lot of experience in the school of hard knocks, but they seem to make the same mistakes over and over again.  Why? Because they have not taken the time and effort to evaluate their experience. To think about their successes and failures, and what caused them.  To make the change or the shift that is required to succeed.  Good leaders take the time to evaluate and learn from their experience.

Great leaders are able to evaluate and learn from the successes and failures of others.  Then they apply those lessons to help their team grow and develop.   They have developed the ability to not only see the big picture, but to see it sooner than others.

Good Culture

A Great Metal fabrication supplier has a great culture and develops great leaders and teams.   They create an environment where it is considered good to ask questions, and to learn.   Great suppliers have an environment where it is safe to learn and to grow, but they are guided by a knowledgeable and steady hand.   These top suppliers provide excellent training, and learning and growth opportunities for their teams.  They realize it is an investment to train their people, not a cost.  These great metal fab suppliers are playing in the infinite game.  They strive to be great, and to have continuous improvement.  Where the common goal of the team is to serve the client in a way that exceeds expectations.     


A great Metal Fab supplier has an impressive set of capabilities and the tools and equipment to carry those capabilities over the finish line.   With the right team and training they can make the most of their equipment.  The right tools must include s significant level of automation.  Many companies who purchase metal fabrication goods today do not realize the importance of using the right supplier to lower their product cost.  To learn why the lowest price is not always the same thing as the lowest cost, check out this FREE RESOURCE.

Our Equipment list is an indication of our commitment to be among the most efficient and competitive Metal Fabrication suppliers in the US.  Consistent investment in the best automated equipment and training to allow us to produce your products at a consistently low cost.


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Metal fabrication or steel fabrication is the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes. It is a value-added process involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials.

You may ask–How do I find good metal fabrication near me?  It is not always easy.  The best way to ensure you find a quality supplier is work with one who has proven they meet the rigid standards required by an ISO certification.   In particular ISO 9001 shows an organizational commitment to quality and performance.  Carlson Manufacturing, Inc., is certified to ISO 9001.  Give us a call to discuss your need and get a quote today!

Typically, a steel fabrication shop bids on a job, usually based on engineering drawings, and if awarded the contract, builds the product. Large fab shops employ a multitude of value-added processes, including welding, and robotic welding, cutting, forming and machining laser cutting.

As with other manufacturing processes, both human labor and automation are commonly used. A metal fabricated product may be called a steel fabrication, and shops specializing in this type of work are called fab shops. The end products of other common types of metalworking, such as machining, metal stamping, forging, and casting, may be similar in shape and function, but those processes are not classified as fabrication, although they may well be incorporated into a fabrication.

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