Carlson Manufacturing Has Extensive CNC Machining Capabilities.

CNC Machining Aluminum

Carlson Manufacturing, Inc., has had significant CNC machining capabilities.  In fact,  since the mid 1960's  we have employed highly productive equipment to meet our clients requirements.

Our current capabilities are quite impressive. We have a number of vertical Machining centers. Our largest of these has 120″ of X-travel. It is one of the largest CNC Machining Centers in the Midwest.We also have a number of machines with 50″ of X-travel, along with smaller machines.

Modern designing capabilities allow engineers to design more and more sophisticated products. Carlson Manufacturing Inc, has a solution to these requirements. Our 4th axis and 5th Axis CNC Machining capabilities allow us to tackle even the most complicated of products designs.  To get an idea of what 5th Axis machining can do for you, watch this video.

For Aluminum parts, we have fast spindles of up to 15,000 rpms, and fast tool changers, some as fast as .2 seconds, allow us to be highly efficient in machining products. Pallet changers allow us be extremely efficient in the running of parts, but also in fast change over from one job to the next.  Most of our machines have this feature.

For CNC turning we also have a number of solutions.  With our automated parts loaders/unloaders, we have the ability to run in a highly efficient manner.

For programming, we use highly efficient tools.  For simple small quantity machining jobs, we may program right at the machine using quick code or macro programming tools we have created.   For complicated machining tasks, such as 5th Axis machining, we utilize the efficiency of a CAM system such as MasterCam or Fusion 360.  With these tools we are able to quickly generate some very complicated programs for more difficult CNC Machining.  With 7 vertical CNC machining centers and several CNC lathes, we are able to handle sizable machining volumes easily.

But ultimately, what makes our CNC Machining capabilities so impressive is not the equipment we have, great as that equipment is.  The real power behind our machining is the Experience and competencies we use to be able to think out of the box.

Our Team members are very well trained.  They have significant experience. With strong leadership and excellent teamwork we accomplish things that are unmatched by competitors.

CNC Machining has made great progress over the years.   Carlson Manufacturing has  invested in equipment and training that are ready and able to serve your CNC machining needs. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification shows our commitment to quality.


When it comes down to choosing a machine shop to meet your needs, be sure to call on us. With modern equipment and top of the line training and experience, we can help you meet your production requirements.   We know you have options of which machine shop in Minnesota to utilize. Make sure you are using a machine shop that is more than competitive with companies in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or outstate Minnesota.  Make sure you talk to us.  You will be glad you did.