How do you Polish Titanium?

Titanium or ti and polish titanium

How to Polish Titanium

Titanium is a lightweight yet strong metal, known for its excellent luster. Currently, it is used to make all kinds of products such as medical instruments and prostheses, dental implants, cellphones, machine and automobile parts, and even durable jewelry like wedding rings.

If titanium has lost some of its glow, you can polish it to bring back the original shine. Below are instructions on how to effectively polish titanium in all its various forms.


  1. Step 1

Select a glass cleaner that contains ammonia. Spray the surface of the titanium liberally, and wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth.

  1. Step 2

Rinse the titanium with warm water to remove residue from the glass cleaner.

  1. Step 3

For additional shine, you can use a cloth soaked in vinegar or club soda, and rub this along the surface of the titanium. These do not need to be rinsed off.

  1. Step 4

Finish by rubbing the titanium with a small amount of olive oil or baby oil. Buff with a clean, soft cloth. This will give the titanium a mirror-like shine.





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