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Article-Braze Bronze, How to

How to Braze Bronze

How to Braze Bronze

Brazing Bronze, copper or mild steel will take some practice, however, can be mastered to produce strong and aesthetically pleasing joints. It is often used to seal liquid-tight joints in pipe or to make sculptures. With some practice, you can learn to braze bronze.


Step 1

Safety first, make sure the area is clear of anything flammable and that you are in a ventilated area.

Step 2

Joint should be fairly clean. A quick paper towel is usually enough. The brazing process will burn away surface contaminants.

Step 3

Put items to be brazed together and hold with clamps or weights so that they will not shift during the brazing process. Ideally, have it in such a position that you can see all parts of the joint without re-clamping.

Step 4

Lighting the torch. Put on gloves and dark glasses. Turn on a small amount of acetylene. Light it. (it will smoke) Slowly add Oxygen until the it does not smoke. Increase the Oxygen acetylene mixture as needed. The amount of mixture you need will depend on the thickness of the metal you are brazing. For copper pipe you should have the inner flame about an inch long.

Step 5

Place outer flame so inner flame is almost touching joint. After it has heated some, place brazing rod against joint out of the flames’ reach. For copper pipe, I place the flame on the bottom side and the rod on the top side of the pipe. When the rod starts to flow, feed the rod to make a smooth joint without voids. Continue along joint until it is continuous.

Step 6

Cooling. Once the brazing has solidified you can cool it with a wet towel if wanted.

Step 7

Inspect closely and re-braze as needed.



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