Galvanized Steel Sheets & the Environment

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Galvanized Steel Sheets and the Environment

How is galvanized steel manufactured? What are some of the benefits of galvanized steel sheets? Are galvanized steel sheets bad for the environment?

When creating Galvanized steel sheets, the steel sheets go through a process that is intended to keep the steel from corrosion. It is generally beneficial to galvanize the steel in circumstances where it is needed to resist rust.

A very thin layer of zinc in coated upon the steel. When the zinc comes in contact with the iron elements of the steel beneath it, a chemical reaction transpires, in which the galvanized coating is created.

The coating can last as long as forty years. It does not remain indefinitely. In very cold or moist environments, galvanizing helps to protect the steel from the elements. Although the coating is not thick, the galvanizing is so protective of the steel sheets beneath it, that it can withstand small nicks and scratch to the zinc coating, while still protecting the steel underneath.

There are many things that can be done to galvanized steel, however, when welding, we must be careful. The zinc fumes created by the welding process can have a detrimental effect on ones health. Although there is no conclusive proof, there is reason to suspect it can be harmful to the environment as well.

Although steel sheets are formed at a temperature of almost 1200 degreed Celsius, the galvanizing process is done at a relatively lower temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. This is a little over 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

Galvanized steel can be a very cost effective way to protect steel from elements that can be harmful to the steel, as the process is extremely cost effective. It is easy to create and install, and can be left without the need of special care.

As mentioned earlier, the process does not protect the steel indefinitely. When rust and corrosion begins to spread, it will first begin corroding the zinc layer before the steel beneath it. For this reason, galvanized steel is no longer used in creating pipes on residential, as well as commercial buildings, as corrosion while transpire over time. This will require the pipes to be replaced. This can be very costly and easily avoided by using material that does not run the risk of corrosion.

Many buildings are now being built with galvanized steel. These include office buildings, warehouses as well as newly built garages.

Galvanized steel sheets are an important, and highly used metal that help in many ways. It is specifically helpful in climates that have a high level of moisture in the environment.

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